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Our farm began as a Vermont Creamery farm started by the cheese company to perpetuate the growth of Vermont's goat dairy industry and to create a local goat milk supply.  While we are no longer a part of the Creamery, we continue to supply them with our milk and to collaborate on ways to educate goat cheese consumers about dairy farming and the milk that makes the cheese. Read more about Vermont Creamery

Our milk is used to produce Fat Toad's amazing goat's milk caramel.  In fact, 60 of our best milking goats were once part of Fat Toad Farm and we are lucky to have them in the herd. Read more about Fat Toad Farm

Pine Island provides the destination for our bucklings (male goats) born on the farm.  Once at Pine Island, they are raised on pasture and sold to the New American community in Vermont. Breeding and freshening (giving birth) is essential to any dairy operation yet we can only raise and milk our females. Read more about Pine Island Farm

We supply Vermont Chevon with mature goats that are then sold to restaurants and meat markets throughout New England. Read more about Vermont Chevon

With the help of the Vermont Land Trust, we were able to conserve 260 acres of prime agricultural land, ensuring the availability of cropland to grow feed for our herd. 

The Land Trust provided us with feed security and in turn helps to create food security for all Vermonters. Read more about The Vermont Land Trust

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