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Genetic improvement

Ayers Brook Superior Saanens. We pride ourselves in being one of the most aggressive Saanen breeders in US meaning we dedicate a lot of attention and resources towards our genetic improvement. Progeny is carefully tracked on the farm to identify top performers and promote productive and resilient bloodlines. We replace minimum of 40% of the herd annually with the best young stock we've raised to ensure we are making significant leaps genetically annually. Since the beginning, we have incorporated genetics from the best herds in the US and have a significant presentation of French genetics in our herd. In the past year we formed an important partnership with a company who has developed the most extensive genomic key for goats in the world having identified 11 markers in the goat genome, bringing semen selected using genomics to the United States for the first time. With over 45,000 goats DNA, milk records, type and feed efficiency in the data set, it is the most advanced genomic key for goats in the world. To learn more about genomics and its benefits when applied to breeding, click here.

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