products and services

goat sales- We have an evolving selection of young and mature bucks for sale. Please be in touch to find out what's available and pricing.  Ayers Brook Goat Dairy was founded in 2012 by Vermont Creamery, a large goat cheese and cultured dairy product company based in Central Vermont.  In an effort to source milk locally and encourage the growth of Vermont's goat dairy industry, Vermont Creamery and their Conservation Partners, purchased the Hodgen farm, a beautiful retired cow dairy, located one mile north of Randolph.  They renovated the existing barn to house yearling goats and a new milking barn was built for the mature herd, nursery, milking parlor, offices and milk room. Within a few years of breaking ground, the farm was up and running, milking 600 goats, with 1,100 goats in total.  Also during this time , the Creamery installed a large roof-mounted solar array on the milking barn and we are very proud to have a farm that is powered by renewable energy. 

goat cheese- Vermont Creamery sources our milk to produce their delicious, award winning aged goat cheeses

goat's milk caramel- Our milk is also used to craft Fat Toad Farm's lovely goat milk caramel, available in a variety of wonderful flavors.  Please visit their website to shop and find out where it is locally available to you!